Scotland trip 2003 (75 posts by Peffis)
Together with some friends I went to Scotland this summer. The weather was a bit rainy some days but apart from that it was a lovely experience. We travelled with McBackpackers on a Jump-On-Jump-Off tour. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves beautiful nature.

Frisbee golf (5 posts by Peffis)
Torbjörn, Per and I decided to try something new this day so we went out to this "golf" course and played some frisbee golf - or disc golf as it is also called

Sjöbotten (4 posts by Peffis)
I went "home" to the north of Sweden to a place called Sjöbotten because my cousin got married.

Stockholm Jazz Festival 2003 (7 posts by Peffis)
Every year we have a jazz festival in our beautiful capital and this year was no exception. What was exceptional was the extremely nice summer weather this year. Amazing weather!

Birthday party in Hagaparken (12 posts by Peffis)
I celebrated my birthday with my family in Hagaparken this year. A little BBQ and some games.

Test (8 posts by Per)
Beskrivning av test

Montreal (25 posts by Peffis)
I went to Montreal for a week because of work. I'm not sure what to think about Montreal really. They have some nice buildings but also some terribly ugly ones and it gets all mixed up in this giant concrete soup somehow. The park Mont-Royal is lovely though.

Dublin (7 posts by Peffis)
A short business trip to Dublin

Waiting for the train (2 posts by snowlord)

My room (5 posts by snowlord)
My office

Walk the dog (2 posts by Arnix)
Pictures taken while walking my dog.

Singapore (23 posts by Peffis)
I was in Singapore for work for 10 days. It was nice meeting my old friends there again. I also got a chance to go up to Tioman for some diving which is always nice.

Untitled (2 posts by PJ)

Visit BOFFERDING (6 posts by PJ)

CQFD (8 posts by PJ)
All Thursday

CQFD (2 posts by PJ)

CQFD 9.10.2003 (2 posts by PJ)
Usual Thursday Lunch

TT Tournament (6 posts by PJ)

Kuala Lumpur (36 posts by Peffis)
I was in Kuala Lumpur for a week to give a speech to some developers there. The town was amazing! So many nice buildings!!

Smoking (8 posts by Arnix)
People smoking.

Crete 2004 (24 posts by tomazon)

checking (2 posts by sue)
checking how this works

sample (3 posts by sue)

juli 2004 (3 posts by mj)
alle foto's van juli 2004

Diskgolf med bär och svamp (6 posts by Peffis)

Samos 2004 (31 posts by tomazon)

bike pics (9 posts by tomazon)

bike pics (3 posts by tomazon)

Worktime (6 posts by icerunner)
Pictures taken at or around work

Boss is gone (10 posts by Janne)
Our boss went away for a vacation, this is what happened the first day at work without a boss.

Bang your head! (3 posts by VirtualFlavius)
A collection of images from parties, pubs, bars and other things worth living for (or not)

Atomic Jam (9 posts by cortex)
The best techno night in the UK, maybe even the World!! :)

A train - with and without rain (2 posts by Peffis)

iPod (4 posts by linuxgnuru)
pics of my iPod

Autumn colours (14 posts by Peffis)
A walk through the park
admiring the colours of the coming autumn
Many more than you can count

LEGOs (3 posts by linuxgnuru)
Some of my LEGOs

Ericsson day (7 posts by snowlord)
My company, Ericsson, hired a tivoli for its employees for a day.

Visits (3 posts by snowlord)
Some visits to some place.

Interlaken 2004 (6 posts by icerunner)
Vacation in Switzerland, September 2004

Alton Towers (8 posts by cortex)
Visit to Alton Towers (UK Theme Park) on 4th October - check the weather! :)

Another disc golf day (5 posts by Peffis)

vernissage (5 posts by tomazon)
artwork - my early period

Bryce (6 posts by linuxgnuru)
Collection of Bryce images

Autumn Colours (4 posts by tt_robert)
Red is one of the most impressive colours in autumn.

Fast cars! (6 posts by cortex)
A nice selection of rare sports cars in Birmingham's Centenary Square on a rainy Friday morning.

Christmas is over. (4 posts by tt_robert)

Bondi Beach, Sydney (4 posts by kea)

My Niece Bijou (3 posts by kea)
Photos of my beautiful niece Bijou who lives in Devon, England.

NYC (9 posts by tt_robert)

Winter nights in the city (5 posts by Peffis)
I bought a new camera (a Nikon D70) so I decided to play around with its many settings in conjunction with a tripod that I also had. The result is a few night shots from a very snowy Stockholm. Since it was cloudy that night the sky was lit up by the city lights, giving it all quite a mysterious red glow

Fjärilshuset i Solna (5 posts by Peffis)
The butterfly house in Solna is worth a visit if you like butterflies. Today I went there to take some photos. Don't bring too much clothes though as it's darn hot in there...and bring something to wipe the moist off the lens :)

Testing (2 posts by Derek)

Test collection (5 posts by Peffis)
This is the first test of a generic collection

Shots in the dark (14 posts by Peffis)
I recently acquired a tripod and have taken a few shots under bad light conditions just to try it out.

Pictures of Elon (28 posts by snowlord)
Look no further for the latest pictures of Elon, my son.

Favourite sunsets (76 posts by Peffis)
People here at seem to all share the love for sunsets, thus many have posted pictures of sunsets over the time. I'll try to collect the ones I like most here.

stockholm city hall (15 posts by tomazon)
This collection shows how the light and nature around the stockholm city hall changes over time...

Bike 2005 (9 posts by tomazon)
I know I´m the only one interested too see the pics of my bike - but here is the collection anyway! ;-)

China memories 2005 (18 posts by tomazon)
Some photos from China 2005.

Floor ball tournament (5 posts by snowlord)
A heroic effort from Tommys hjältar!

Hälsingland tour June 2005 (16 posts by tomazon)

Hangzhou (19 posts by Peffis)
Hangzhou provided me with a nice escape from Shanghai one weekend. The west lake area is indeed pleasant and definitely worth a visit.

Beijing (19 posts by Peffis)
A four day trip to Beijing provided me and two coworkers a bit more of "China" than what can be seen in Shanghai. We visited the great wall of course but also the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, Tiantan park, BeiHai park and Summer palace.

The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai (4 posts by Peffis)
The temple of the Jade Buddha in Shanghai gives you a nice active temple well worth visiting.

Suzhou (6 posts by Peffis)
If you feel like escaping the busy streets of Shanghai for a while and see some lovely gardens you can go to Suzhou.

Xian (31 posts by Peffis)
I joined my coworkers for a trip to Xian, saw the amazing terracotta warriors among other things.

Huang Shan (25 posts by Peffis)
Another weekend trip. This time I took the night train from Shanghai to Huang Shan and climbed the mountain, spend one night up there and then went back the day after. Huang Shan is extremely beautiful and well worth a visit. Try to also get up early in the morning (the time I was there it was 5 AM) to see the famous sunrise.

camping 2005 (16 posts by tomazon)

Global Gathering '05 (7 posts by cortex)
Global Gathering - The UK's biggest dance event...

9 arena's, two days, 45,000 clubbers...


Bornholm (14 posts by snowlord)
We went to the Danish island Bornholm for a biking vacation. The weather was nice and the company too.

Sigtuna (17 posts by Peffis)
Having just arrived from my four month trip to China, it was very nice to go back to my home town to meet my family and enjoy the beauty of Sigtuna and its surroundings.

Skole / School (2 posts by OZ8AAZ)
Billeder fra skole / pictures from school

School (5 posts by iglo)
Pictures from my school

autumn 2005 (10 posts by tomazon)

Hagaparken - Early Autumn Mornings (10 posts by Peffis)
Autumn mornings can be amazing when the sun rises and breaks through the mist - the mist, in turn, breaking the light creating beautiful shades of yellow. I conquered my sleepyness a few mornings and was rewarded with the photos you can see below.

Autumn trees (5 posts by Peffis)
Leaves leave for the ground
making trees look bare and dead
...until next year

Olympic heroes return home (4 posts by Peffis)
We won the ice hockey final in the olympic games this year. The celebration when the team returned home to Sweden was...impressive.

Vienna - Wien (18 posts by Peffis)
I had the fortune to go to Vienna for a few days. This late winter really felt like spring as the weather was beautiful. The town too was beautiful.

Tree in different seasons (3 posts by Peffis)
A tree project. Perhaps I'll catch it in the four different seasons

Ice cream ceremony (5 posts by Peffis)
Every year, same place, same time, same people, same ice cream

The Infrared Perspective (5 posts by Peffis)
Taking photos with an IR filter can produce some colours and shades that you don't normally see - because you don't see infrared light as good as camera sensors do.

North England (16 posts by Peffis)
A trip to the beautiful North England with base in Newcastle (or Prudhoe rather) where my friends Michelle and Colin live.

Barcelona (4 posts by Peffis)
My trip to Morocko ended with a train trip up to Barcelona and three days there. A very beautiful city, but why is there so much crime in it?

Morocko (18 posts by Peffis)
A trip to Morocko (Marrakesh, Fez and Tanger by train) started and ended with a boat trip from Algeciras, Spain. Morocko is amazing...but it was extremely hot this time of year.

Yarden (2 posts by drorgo)
this is my princess ...

Used to be (26 posts by Peffis)

Just some Pics (2 posts by mightymidget)
Just testing uploads

geb (8 posts by fjordan)

Tibetan plateau fieldwork 2007 (40 posts by jakobh)
From mid August to the end of September 2007 I was roaming around on the NE Tibetan plateau looking for evidence (and the lack of evidence) of former ice cover. These are some photos from the trip. The main result so far of the fieldwork (+ the fieldworks of previous years) is that the ice cover has been big but not very big: MEIO HUANG HE BING GAI

Test Set (2 posts by awali)
Test setup

Shanghai 2009 (8 posts by tomazon)
hälsade på kollegor på CBC o snacka IPTV