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2008-08-11 20:34:13
Hej nu fr ni en bild av mig och jag hlsar. Barbara
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2007-10-31 18:47:10
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2007-10-22 15:30:36
MSN passport verification??
Inspiration for totalitarian regimes... (from Pingyao ancient governmental building - torture during interrogation)
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2007-10-12 14:34:34
Good advice 2
From jakobh
2007-10-12 14:32:37
Good advice 1
Beijing airport: nuclear power makes children happy
27/9: Sharing the road down to Xining with yaks
27/9: Along the road down towards Xining
How we spend most of our time awake
23/9: Our drivers picking flowers in the Huang He (Yellow river) area E of the central Bayan Har